Merve Avci

Merve Avci is a 20-year-old second year Medical Student at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). Her  initial experience in the field of medical research started in September 2019 at the Center for Bone Quality at the LUMC. As an extracurricular activity, she started with Dr. Manuela Schöb on a research project, focusing on impact microindentation in vivo.

Recently Merve  got selected for the MD/PhD-track by the Honours College of Leiden University, this enables her to work independently on a research project about primary hyperparathyroidism and impact microindentation. Merve’s goal is to contribute to science in such a way that it improves modern healthcare, and her ambition is to attain enough experience and knowledge in order to prepare herself to apply for a PhD trajectory at the end of her bachelor’s program.