Ni Made Hustrini

I am a nephrologist from Jakarta, Indonesia and currently working as a PhD student in the group of Prof. Joris I. Rotmans.
The steady increase in the burden of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in Indonesia has not been accompanied by a suitable knowledge on the magnitude of the problem, etiology and risk factors for the disease. Currently, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country on earth after China, India, and the United States; with population estimated at 273.52 million in 2020. Indonesia is suffered from the high burden of non-communicable disease (i.e diabetes, hypertension, stroke, etc) which in turn will influence the rate of CKD. Furthermore, the ineffective control of infectious, re-emerging, and new emerging diseases would further contribute to the development of kidney dysfunction leading to CKD.
Therefore, our project is focusing on the etiology and prevention of CKD in Indonesia. We will have 5 main projects in Indonesia:
1. To analyse the risk factors for CKD from the Indonesian National Basic Health survey 2018
2. To conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis on the etiology and risk factors for CKD in South-East Asia
3. To assess the etiology of end-stage kidney disease in Jakarta
4. To evaluate the burden of CKD in high-risk group and to study the barriers of the CKD screening program in primary health care in Jakarta
5. To develop an appropriate screening program for early-stage CKD in high-risk setting

In LUMC, we will be focusing more on the clinical outcome of different vascular access type among home hemodialysis patients as nested study from the DOMESTICO trial.