Tom Zwart

Tom Zwart is a pharmacist and PhD candidate at the Departments of Clinical Pharmacy and Toxicology and Internal Medicine (Nephrology) of LUMC. He obtained his Pharmacy degree in 2017 and started his PhD trajectory in January 2018. His PhD project focuses on the optimization of immunosuppressive therapy in kidney transplantation, with an emphasis on the pharmacometric model-based approach. It involves the computer-aided mathematical modelling of the pharmacokinetic characteristics of the drug agents of interest. This results in population pharmacokinetic models intended for i) model-guided dose adaptation for personalized dosing, ii) exploration and design of novel personalized treatment strategies, and iii) enhancing the clinical feasibility and utility of highly informative monitoring strategies (e.g. AUC-based TDM of immunosuppressants).
In February 2022, Tom will start as a hospital pharmacy resident at Haga Teaching Hospital, Den Haag.

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