Clinical Epidemiology

Clinical epidemiology consists of the application of general epidemiologic principles in clinical research. The department has two aims: to apply these principles to particular research questions, and to study the methods themselves. Generally, the research concerns questions which necessitate a numerical approach, and in which the patient is the unit of observation. Specifically, the programme of the department focuses on aetiology and prognosis in several fields, e.g., haemostasis and thrombosis, renal dialysis, fertility, arthrosis, and side-effects of drugs. Since clinical epidemiology is a fundamental science, its application takes place in close collaboration with clinical and laboratory departments, such as the Einthoven Laboratory for Experimental Vascular Medicine, and the departments of Rheumatology, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Pulmonology, Gynaecology, and Public Health and Primary Care.