Cyril P. Landstra

Cyril Landstra is a medical doctor who joined the islet group in November 2019, directly after obtaining her medical degree with Honours and distinction at the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam UMC). She is now working as a clinical PhD researcher in the field of diabetology, beta cell function and islet transplantation at the Leiden University Medical Centre, under supervision of prof. dr. Eelco de Koning. Her research mostly revolves around protecting and preserving beta cell function in both the setting of diabetes mellitus type 1, as well as in the setting of islet transplantation (e.g. in the case of islet allograft rejection). With a clear and keen personal interest in type 1 diabetes, she is very motivated to be a part of the islet research group. After finishing her PhD, she hopes to be able to combine continuing research, education and patient care in her ambition to specialise in Paediatrics.