Paul Quax

Paul Quax is a vascular biologist by training and working at the department of Surgery of the LUMC. He is head of Experimental Vascular Surgery, chair of Cardiovascular Research Theme at the LUMC and chairman of Leiden Vascular Medicine. He obtained his PhD in 1991 at the University of Leiden and worked in the cardiovascular research field ever since. His research interests are the pathophysiological aspects of vascular remodeling in general, ranging from atherosclerosis to angiogenesis, from post-interventional vascular remodeling to basic aspects of vascular and endothelial cell biology. Understanding the common mechanisms in these processes and defining new therapeutic interventions to induce or prevent vascular remodeling is the central theme of his research. Current research focusses on inflammatory and immune modulation in vascular remodeling in general and vein graft remodeling in particular, the role of non-coding RNAs in vascular remodeling and most recently the role of the microvascular bed in the regulation of pathological and regenerative processes of cardiovascular remodeling.

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