Natasha Appelman-Dijkstra, MD, PhD

Natasha Appelman-Dijkstra (1980) is an internist-endocrinologist specialized in osteoporosis, metabolic bone diseases and calcium/phosphate disturbances. She received her MD in 2004 (Leiden University) and registered as a specialist in 2012 (Leiden University Medical Center, LUMC). In 2015 she defended her thesis, titled “Longterm effects of cranial irradiation and growth hormone therapy” (Leiden University 2015). Since 2012 she works as a staff member at the LUMC where she developed the Coordinated Care Trajectory Osteoporosis which was rewarded a Gold medal from the International Osteoporosis Foundation for operational excellence.

For her work on the new technique of impact microindentation in vivo she received an American Society of Bone and Mineral Research Young Investigators Award (2014) and is an experienced trainer in this technique. Natasha received research grants from the Dutch Paget Foundation (2015), Amgen (2015), UCB (2017) and has a joined crowdfunding/funding project for research in Fibrous Dysplasia (Beter Bot). In 2018 Natasha received an young investigators award from the Rare bone disease alliance during the ASBMR 2018 pre-meeting for her work in Fibrous Dysplasia/McCune Albright syndrome.

Since 2016 she is the head of the Center for Bone Quality in Leiden, she is the co-founder and secretary of the “NVE-BoNe”, a national working group for calcium and bone disorders of the Dutch society for Endocrinology (NVE) and since November 2017 she was elected president of the Dutch association for calcium and bone research (NVCB). Starting January 2020 Natasha is a section editor for bone and mineral metabolism at the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (JCEM) one of the leading journals within the field of Endocrinology.

Natasha is PI on several investigator initiated and industry sponsored studies in the field of impact micro indentation, rare bone diseases, osteoporosis and parathyroid-disorders. In 2018 Natasha sponsored the European Calcified Tissue Society Translational Fellowship of Manuela Schobb, MD in Leiden on impact microindentation as well as an European Society grant for impact microindentation.

Current research projects:
1. Impact Microindentation in vivo
2. Fibrous Dysplasia/Mc Cunce Albright syndrome: in collaboration with the departments of orthopedic surgery (prof Dijkstra, dr vd Sande), ophthalmology(drs Genders), nuclear medicine (dr. D.Vriens, drs vd Brugge), oral maxillary surgery (drs S.E.Pichardo)
3. Rare Bone diseases: clinical phenotyping and long term follow up.
4. Clinical Care in Osteoporosis
1111111111a.Value based healthcare in osteoporosis
1111111111b.Treatment after denosumab
1111111111c.Fracture healing (project lead prof I.B.Schipper and drs E.Gorter)
5. Osteonecrosis of the jaw (project leads: dr S.E.Pichardo and prof dr v. Merkestein)
6. Regulation of Bone:
1111111111a.Bone circadian rhythm (project lead dr. E.M.Winter)
1111111111b.Bone Marrow Adiposity (project lead dr A.G.Veldhuis-Vlug)

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Current PhD students:
Marlous Rotman, Fibrous Dysplasia
Maartje Meijer, Fibrous Dysplasia
Sarina Pichardo, Osteonecrosis of the Jaw
Erwin Gorter, Fracture Healing
Manuela Schob, Impact microindenation
Stijn Genders, Craniofacial Fibrous Dysplasia
Wouter van der Brugge, Imaging of metabolic bone diseases

Additional team members:
Dr. Abbey Schepers
Dr. Michiel vd Sande
Prof. Sander Dijkstra
Prof. R. Van Merkesteijn

External advisors
Nathalie Bravenboer
Neveen Hamdy
Socrates Papapoulos