Zoltan Nemeth, PhD

– Postdoc Researcher in research group of Franck Lebrin (Dept of Nephrology).
Major project: Blood capillary normalization through pericyte targeting in cancer therapies. In this project the pericytes (cells around the capillary endothelium) are targeted by anti-angiogenic agents, such as thalidomide, which is currently used in the clinic. This project encompasses usage of different thalidomide derivatives and mouse models of cancer, in which we test the effect of thalidomide derivatives using two-photon intra-vital imaging system.

– Post-doctoral fellowship in the Molecular and Cell Biology Department in Henry Goldman Dental School at the Boston University Medical Center (MA, USA).
Project: Investigation of electrostatic interactions in pancreatic enzyme catalysis using amino-acid mutants. We investigated the effect of positive and negative charges on pancreatic enzymes human cationic trypsinogen (PRSS-1) and chymotrypsin-C in the enzyme collusion with special reference to those amino-acid mutations that occur in chronic pancreatitis.

– PhD: Department of Translational Medicine, Medical School, University of Pecs (Pecs, Hungary).
PhD project: Investigation of biochemical composition and vasoactive effect of human pericardial fluid. In this work we determined the levels of a potent vasoconstrictor molecule asymmetric-dimethyl arginine (ADMA), which also modulates the proliferation of cardiac – and vascular smooth muscle cells in the pericardial fluid of patients undergoing open heart surgery. We also tested the direct vasoconstrictor effect of the human pericardial fluid on isolated rat carotid arteries using vessel myograph system.