Natasja de Jong

I studied biochemistry at the Hogeschool van Utrecht and after a very nice trainee ship at Solvay Pharmaceuticals, I started my career in the same group. Mainly focusing on GPCR signaling, a lot of assay techniques were used to unravel the complex second messaging systems in cells. After studying for more than 12 years in this group, I switched to Galapagos to work within the virus production and screening group. Within this group I worked on constructing adonoviral constructs (KI and KD) and on setting up automation. With the automation both the programming of fully integrated systems for handling large batches of plates and using automated liquid handlers for low throughput were very nice challenges to work with. In 2014 I started within Charles River in the automation group to improve the way screenings were performed and started to work with stem cells. The last 3 years I moved again to Galapagos to work with various primary cells and stem cells. In these last few years I used the stem cells for differentiations to various cells of interest in the field of fibrosis. CRISPR-Cas9 and other techniques were used to gain more insight into the complexity of how fibrosis is caused.
In May 2022 I started in the Islet Group to work with stem cells.

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