Marcelo Ribeiro, PhD

Marcelo Ribeiro did his bachelor in Biochemistry at the University of Sciences of Lisbon University (FCUL). In 2008 he moved to the Netherlands where he completed his master in Drug Innovation at Utrecht University. During his master program Marcelo did a 9-month internship at the department of Molecular Cell Biology of the University California Berkeley, USA. Marcelo did his PhD in the department of Anatomy and Embryology of LUMC, headed by Prof. Christine Mummery, on hiPSC derived cardiomyocyte maturation and disease modeling under the guidance of Prof. Robert Passier. In 2016 Marcelo moved to the AST department of Twente University as a post doc developing a 3D hiPSC derived cardiac model. Currently, Marcelo is a post doc in the group of Prof. Rensen at Leiden University Medical Center, working on applying 3D hiPSC derived cardiac model to study functional lipoprotein lipase expression and modulation and to use these models as a novel screening system for lipid-lowering therapy.