Liesbeth Winter, MD, PhD

Dr. E.M. (Liesbeth) Winter, MD, PhD, is internist-endocrinologist. She received her MD in 2004 (cum laude, Leiden University), after which she started with a PhD traject in the field of Embryology. In 2009 she completed her PhD with a thesis titled ‘From Cardiogenesis to Cardiac Regeneration; Focus on Epicardium-Derived Cells’. Her PhD was rewarded cum laude. February 2017 she registered as internist-endocrinologist (Leiden University Medical Center, LUMC). Since February 2017 she works as a staff member at the LUMC, mainly focusing on osteoporosis, metabolic bone diseases and calcium/phosphate disturbances.

Dr. Winter conducts a translational research program, investigating bone rhythmicity and glucocorticoid effects on bone. She recently described that disturbance in circadian rhythm is detrimental for bone health (FASEB J, 2019). She received a personal grant in 2017 from the Elise Mathilde Fund / Leiden University Fund, for her project ‘Rational corticosteroid therapy: prevention of side effects on bone’.

She is involved in several clinical studies in the field of rare bone diseases such as sternocostoclavicular hyperostosis (SCCH), but also in clinical research on osteoporosis and parathyroid disorders. She focuses on value based healthcare and disease coping, quality of life and pain. She uses the Impact Microindentation Technique, which was introduced in the Netherlands by the Bone Center, in her daily practice, and is also involved in studies applying this technique e.g. in metabolic bone disease, calcium phosphate disturbances and osteoporosis.

She was elected ECTS-academy member in 2018, which includes a personal grant.