Fangchen Liu

Fangchen Liu obtained her master degree in medicine at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in July 2021. During her 3-year master program (2018-2021), she did a 15-month internship entitled “explore the mechanism of the Chinese herb Calculus Bovis in the treatment of Ischemic Stroke” at Shanghai TCM-Integrated Institute of Vascular Disease, followed by a clinical internship at Shanghai TCM-Integrated Hospital, under the supervision of Dr. Ping Zhong. Subsequently, she was awarded financial support from the China Scholarship Council and started her PhD program at Leiden University Medical Center. Following her interest in vascular and regenerative medicine, she joined the research group of Prof. dr. Ton Rabelink in November 2022, and started to work on the generation of kidney organoids from pluripotent stem cells under the supervision of Prof. dr. Ton Rabelink, Dr. Cathelijne van den Berg and Dr. Gangqi Wang. Her PhD research mainly focus on identifying novel strategies used for the vascularization of the kidney organoids.

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