Eliott Teston, PhD

Eliott Teston has a general chemistry background and a master in pharmacology and pharmacochemistry obtaned in 2012. He realized his master’s thesis on siRNA conjugates to target RANKL/RANK in osteolytic diseases.
Then, he did his PhD at the Paris Pharmaceutical Faculty on luminescent and magnetic nanoparticles for cell labeling and in vivo cell vectorization.
There, he worked on luminescent material optimization, nanoparticles synthesis, cell labeling and cell toxicity as well as in vivo multimodal imaging.
After a travel gap year, he did a two years post-doc in Paris (Physics for Medicine Paris) were he worked on acoustic droplet vaporization. Aiming to locally vaporize micro- or nano-droplets in order to induce vascular disruption or to precisely deliver drugs were ultrasounds are focused.

His current research project is to participate in the development of new thalidomide derivatives with vascular normalization properties. These properties are of great interest in Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia treatment, organ-on-chip development or cancer therapy. He will thus study the structure activity relationship of these new molecules and try to understand their mechanism of action on pericytes.