Dejvid Veizaj

Dejvid Veizaj is a PhD candidate in the group of Mettine Bos, Div. of Thrombosis and Hemostasis, since October 2021. He holds a BSc degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences with honors (2016-2019) and an MSc degree in Drug Innovation (2019-2021), both from Utrecht University. During his MSc studies he performed an internship at VarmX B.V., Leiden, under the supervision of drs. Daniel Verhoef and Pieter Reitsma. Now, his PhD project focuses on computational approaches to explore the interaction of factor X with small molecule inhibitors. The in silico findings will be used to engineer novel variants of blood coagulation factor X that are resistant to direct oral anticoagulants and have maintained normal functionality in clotting, with the overall goal of restoring blood coagulation in individuals treated with factor Xa-inhibiting anticoagulants.

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