Ling Oei

I am an Assistant Professor and Internist-endocrinologist in dr. Natasha Appelman-Dijkstra’s lab. Additionally, I work at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, Van Weel-Bethesda Hospital in Dirksland and the Jan van Goyen Medical Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
My research area is the clinical application of novel diagnostic methods for personalized internal medicine, with a special focus on genomics, exposomics and radiological imaging. My research includes genetic and non-genetic epidemiological studies that look into bone disease subtypes and deeper characterization of processes underlying fractures.
Most of my studies have been in the fields of musculoskeletal and endocrine disease (osteoporosis and diabetes-related bone disease).
I have three main research lines: 1. Genetics of osteoporosis; 2. Epidemiology of bone diseases; 3. Radiology of osteoporosis and fractures.

I received my MD in 2009 (Leiden University) and have completed a residency in internal medicine with subspecialty in endocrinology from 2014-2020. My PhD thesis was entitled “Epidemiological, radiological and genetic aspects of endocrine bone” (Erasmus University, 2016, cum laude with honors). In 2013 I have done a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University (USA). In 2019 I have been an International Federation of Musculoskeletal Research Societies exchange scholar in Aarhus (Denmark).
I have been awarded the American Society of Bone Mineral Research (ASBMR) Young Investigator Award and the Dutch Bone and Mineral Society Best Presentation Award. In Erasmus MC, I have been awarded an Erasmus MC fellowship grant in 2019 (Osteoporosis Environmental Exposomics and Radiology Imaging Study: a case-control study) and I am one of the main investigators in the FIDELIO consortium (Training network for research into bone Fragility In Diabetes in Europe – towards a personaLised medIcine approach) European Training Network funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 programme. I am a member of the ECTS academy.

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