Bart van Vlijmen

Quantitative protein mass-spectrometry (QPMS) is a cutting-edge methodology that allows us to accurately determine the plasma concentrations of hundreds of proteins in both mouse and human studies, leading to powerful new insights and biomarker discovery. Our recent pilot study of a QPMS-based discovery assay exploring the coagulation and fibrinolysis pathways has demonstrated the major potential of this approach in measuring coagulation factors in multiplex. Building on this success, we are now developing a fit-for-purpose “Tier 1” assay that will permit multiplex quantitative assessment of all plasma proteins in the coagulation and fibrinolytic system, addressing the limitations of current assays and providing improved characterization of coagulation and fibrinolytic abnormalities.

In addition, we are continuing to employ QPMS-based discovery assays in various projects within our department, as we strive to profile plasma proteins in patients at risk of bleeding or thrombosis, furthering our understanding of these important biological processes.