Bart van Vlijmen

Mass spectrometry-based quantitative targeted proteomics (MS-QTP) with stable isotope-labeled standards (SIS) was introduced as methodology in determining plasma concentrations for a large number of proteins (>100s) in mouse and human studies. This introduction included first evaluation of MS-QTP-based biomarker discovery assays. In addition, a discovery assay that was designed for exploring and analysis of coagulation- and fibrinolysis pathways was piloted and demonstrated that that MS-based multiplex measurement of coagulation factors has major potential. Currently, we are developing a fit for clinical research and diagnosis “Tier 1” assay that allows multiplex quantitative assessment of all plasma proteins belonging to the coagulation and fibrinolytic system as an answer to the limitations of the current available assays. Such MS-QTP assay will improve characterization of abnormalities related to coagulation and fibrinolysis, improve bleeding diagnosis and VTE risk assessment and provide better tailored management

Parallel to the development of “Tier 1” MS-QTP for proteins belonging to the coagulation and fibrinolytic system, we continue using MS-QTP-based biomarker discovery assays (“Tier 2/3”) and is currently element of several projects within our department to permit plasma protein profiling of patients at bleeding or thrombosis risk.